Bereavement means losing someone through death.

It could be one of your parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend - anyone who is important to you. When you’re going through something so painful, it is hard to believe that anyone else can understand. This can lead to feeling isolated and finding it hard to talk to friends and family.

‘I feel so lost and confused, it’s like all the world came crashing down, I didn’t think I would ever stop crying, now I just feel so hurt and upset'

Although it can seem really difficult, finding someone to talk to about how you’re feeling can be an important first step in coming to terms with the death of someone close. Not everyone will understand but many will. However, sometimes it may be difficult to discuss your feelings with family and friends and you may find it easier to talk with a bereavement support worker.

The death of someone we love is a shattering experience.

We face the painful and demanding task of coping with loss and separation. At the same time there is the challenge of daily living and finding a new sense of purpose. This takes time - often much longer than we expect. During the grieving process these are some of the emotions and feelings commonly experienced:
• Sadness
• Longing
• Feeling of helplessness
• Guilt
• Anger
• Fear
• Numbness
• Physical pain or sadness

With time, and the support of friends, family and other groups, the pain of loss will normally become less sharp and people usually find that their grief eases.

Practicalities following a death.

Notifying agencies of a family member’s death is an extremely difficult, emotionally charged and labour intensive task for the bereaved. Many are uncertain who to contact and where to start.

This document provides a list of organisations that you may need to (or wish to) notify. It has been deliberately designed so that it can be used/offered to anyone who is bereaved, regardless of the cause of death.

‘The worst part is the loneliness. Nobody knows how I feel. I just wish I had someone to talk to'