Children and young people grieve just as much as adults but they show it in different ways. They learn how to grieve by copying the responses of adults around them, and rely on adults to provide them with the support they need in their grief.

Shetland Bereavement Support Service aims to support anyone in Shetland experiencing a bereavement - that includes children and young adults. SBSS has support workers who have received specialist training in supporting bereaved children and young adults.

If you feel your child would benefit from accessing our service, please make a self referral. Memory Boxes are an excellent resource for children and young adults - to request a Memory Box or to find out more about this free resource, please click here.

Child Bereavement UK has an excellent website, with lots of information and guidance on how to talk to children about death, and explains childrens' ages and stages of understanding.

You may find the following short videos helpful:

Explaining to a child that someone has died

Explaining to a child that someone has died

Explaining funerals to children: what happens at a burial?

Explaining funerals to children

Remembering someone special who has died

Remembering Someone Who Has Died